Film and TV serial producer Ekta Kapoor took everyone by surprise a few days ago after she announced the birth of her son Ravie Kapoor. Ekta became a mother to her son Ravie in a similar way in which Karan Johar turned father to his two beautiful twins - Yash and Roohi. Both the filmmakers opted for surrogacy to embrace their parenthood. However, apart from this, there is also one more amazing common thing in between Ekta's son Ravie and Karan's son Yash.The similarity is both the star kids have been named after their grandfathers. Ekta named her son Ravie after her father Jeetendra, who's real name is Ravie. Karan named his son Yash after his father Yash Johar. Actor Jeetendra also opened up about how Ekta came up with this idea of naming her son after his name. He said that they wanted an astrologically name starting with R, and then Ekta thought why not name him after baba? The actor also confessed that his family said that Ravie looks just like him.