Ever since Shah Rukh Khan spread his arms wide, the nation new it won't find any other actor soon to take his place as the romance king of Bollywood. The actor who made his debut in the early '90s is still ruling the hearts of millions and sits on the epitome of Bollywood. Know for his charm and shining personality, his fans are spread across the world and people can't ever stop loving him.
Recently during an interview, Shah Rukh revealed that he doesn't watch a film if he has not enjoyed the process of making it. The actor went on to reveal that he never watched his debut film 'Deewana'. Well, the statement from him has definitely taken all the movie buffs and his fans by a big surprise.

When asked why he hasn’t watched the 1992 film, SRK said that if he doesn’t enjoy the process of making films, he doesn’t watch them. It’s not because he hates it, but because he feels that if he is not having fun, no matter even if it goes really viral and people are all happy, he won’t want to watch it.

Shah Rukh also added that he works very hard on his films like everyone else and want to enjoy the making process. The actor believes the reason for the work you’re doing is the process of creating it. So films like 'Deewana' have done extremely well and made him a star but he didn’t enjoy the process. So he still hasn’t seen it.

On the professional front, rumours are behest that SRK has rejected the upcoming Rakesh Sharma biopic. Shah Rukh Khan was last seen in 'Zero' starring alongside Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma.